Services & Pricing

No matter what your sweetest dreams desire, Sweet Soirées will create your vision.  Whether the ultimate candy buffet or a candy and dessert buffet including pastries, cupcakes and other gourmet goodies, we are your source for all things sweet.

All Buffets include:
  • design
  • candy and/or sweets
  • jars
  • table linens
  • serving platters
  • scoopers
  • table decor
  • backdrop


Everything we do is completely customized to suit your needs and your event.  Pricing varies and is based on a per person head count as well as how elaborate you'd like the sugar work of your pastries to be.  Additional pastries and sweets can be added.  A consultation will help determine your ideas, your budget as well as the style you want to reflect.  
All Inclusive Dessert Buffet Packages

All packages include design, rental of table linens, jars, serving platters, scoopers, custom decorations and backdrop.  
Small  (serves 50) - at $1295
includes above plus 3 doz cupcakes, 6 jars of candies/cookies, 4 dz sweets (choose 2 from list below) 
Medium  (serves 75) - $1595
includes above plus 6 doz cupcakes, 6 jars of candies/cookies, 6 dz sweets (choose 3 from list below) 

Large  (serves 100) - $2295
includes above plus 9 doz cupcakes, 8 jars of candies/cookies, 8 dz sweets (choose 4 from list below) 

Extra Large (serves 150) $2895
includes above plus 12 doz cupcakes, 8  jars of candies/cookies, 12 dz sweets (choose 6 from list below) 

Yes we do absolutely do larger events!! Call or email us the details for a price quote.

Sweets Choices: 
  • sugar cookies
  • brownies
  • marshmallow pops
  • chocolate covered pretzels
  • rice treat pops 
  • cake pops 
  • cookie bundles 
  • parfait cups
  • petit fours
  • brownie pops

Upgrade Sweets 

  • custom cakes 
  • cheesecake bites
  • custom fondant sugar cookies
  • chocolate covered strawberries  
  • cake shots 
  • french macarons 
  • chocolate covered oreos
  • custom fondant chocolate covered oreos
  • sugar flowers

Other Sweet Things:
While our buffets are our specialty, we have an eye for creating the overall aesthetic for a party.  Sweet Soirées will create one of a kind decorations, party favors and decorative accessories to go with your party theme.  From paper flowers and custom birthday banners to wedding favors, centerpieces or guest welcome packages.  The sky's the limit on what we can create, to make your event a sweet success! 
  * All Inclusive Dessert Buffets are customizable.  Additional fees apply.
"True art is characterized by the irresistible urge in the creative artist"                          - Albert Einstein